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Related article: Date: Wednesday, February 23, 2005 November 53rd EST 46 From: Kevinmjo aol. com Subject: When Frank and Frank 2 The same limitations as the first chapter of the copyright and welfare of the legal age of n. is difficult to explain the feelings I had now Here are three drop dead handsome men were two of 30 in the prime of life, and built like a bunch of men and dreams of women. 19 to the height of his sexual violence and drop dead handsome too. Now all you touch our bare feet when we go out with others. Well, somehow I wanted somehow to get two bedposts. The beer had clouded our thoughts, but I was not expecting our ability to carry out in a sexual way ? I wanted now that everyone had allowed each other the love of men, undressed and in bed by the to me. I looked at the beautiful 19-year -old Ted, tapping barefoot I spoke. "You know, Ted, we've finally just found everyone else think that kind of brings us face to face here? What I mean by I hope to be fitted" 'I think you really need a kind of servant in the two Mike laughed and squeezed her bare foot in the grave, and said, " I think what is Kevin attempted here is " Ted does us the honor tonight of two sleep with us and saw the rest of the week in bed? so beautiful and I loved your foot down now as our bare feet, Ted, as he said : " You have a guy just tried to keep, fuck that damn bed. both are built so beautiful and so well, what they reject respectable strangers a man now offering Sun to be like we have the same rights here need a beer " Mike build my beautiful couple got up and said he would get to the next round. I was so excited about these two beautiful men, and now every n the other soon off to bed for a night of three of all n trio. Soon we were in the main or master bedroom and looked at the in the living room. had its own bathroom. we had forgotten, and the left in the room lights, and this gunder the only light we had in the was the bedroom. A king-size bed was there. I watched as we moved. I saw both Ted and Mike, my partner, because she pulled down her panties to Set both long and hard cocks. Mike wanted to look cock so to dream for Young Bbs Post a lot of it. However, as it turned out, my eyes met for the first time the cock Ted. It was hard, I later found out the same size as my 7 1/2 time, butoh so thick and big head,oh, a real acorn bell. Then I have to see the cock Mike was a real dick naked hot, as I had known of 8 inches with a mushroom head on it as broad and great was the rim about glans. Now he could smell the sent of the cock in the room. Ted came to me and took my cock won July Young Bbs Post 12 in his hands. Mike came behind me and I felt my bare hairy buttocks said he had dreamed for so long and my ass so many times. I was holding on fat Ted naked thick cock as he now me and Mike felt his naked hard pressed in thickness at the crack of my ass. ªI s Ted and Mike were on Young Bbs Post the cock of a more pressing n Ted against my support Mike in my crack. I loved the feeling of of these two men, both in the chest hard against my chest and my back. sorry This hard cocks against me. The only words in the next two hours they talked about moaning reality, joy speak. Moreover, nothing was planned, it just happened. was in bed, greased soon and do what I had done so many times dreamed of pushing my hard cock into the hole nude Fat Mike. The dissemination of his bare ass Young Bbs Post with my cock to her moans of pure pleasure as my cock fucked him. Ted then our police almost 19 years of age, was doomed to be fat broad head, bald fat cock in my hole. A three-way fuck only happens. As I plowed my cock into the hole of my own ass Mike as if expert and wonderfully thick cock fucking Ted felt that s Hahn was happy to be getting all the cock and at the same time. Mike was ass as closely, and I loved him, I asked my cock to fuck with him. all WHile Ted was hitting her naked body in my hole stretched myself fill me with his precum and beat me again and again the prostate. our bare legs and feet are printed as they fuck like this. " I do not think Mike can not be a better man than I will add Cum Inside Man oh man Mike friends prepare to take your partner whipped cream on the inside. " We that I call I Young Bbs Post was the release load after load of hot hole Mike making it my man pussy so hard I felt Ted tight body hot all over my bare feet firmly down in mine, and now his body was twitching as its cargo of men cum on my hole filled me with its load of young cream after loading his feet with each gust of cream to put on mine while filming the load after charging me wonderful. The cream is spreading out of my hole as Ted pulled his cock still hard to me. The idea came from Ted to lick suck that night for us and get the feet of one another naked. I loved the idea of the feet of two handsome men Strong. The feet that had previouslyssing all night trying now the sweat and skin. I licked her two balls in his mouth and then took a load of cream of any of my men and me beautiful. We believe that sleeping in bed naked and in love. the morning, Mike and I awoke to the smell of bacon and coffee. sown stairs are bare Ted cook up a storm for us. Not long after the after the three of us inthe shower. Ted was sucked into my body while Mike was his hard cock in my pussy fuckign man police. something that later Ted wanted. Mike and I covered in our insurance policy uniforms just pulled his pants and took it to craming both the sofa. Frank, as we called him now the police chief was stopped and then we choose the three to be gay come to him and Mike both Ted and I sponsor the police. Frank was not happy, his two heroes have to say the bulls, but it was agreed that Ted would be in power y he would accept the two of us as Young Bbs Post openly gay. we were beinFrank g Frank. The three of us, another police officer, Sam and all share the same place. Mike and I are partners patroll and Ted and Sam are partners in the night the bed, that we are all partners Kevinmjo aol. com
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